Art In A Box™️


The ArtSkills Ultimate Art Case has everything needed to help unleash your inner artist

Kit contains 200 pieces of art supplies, including colored pencils, markers, oil pastels, and drawing/sketching tools

Full-color instruction book with step-by-step direction included

Project sheets and a sturdy wooden carrying case for the on-the-go artist


The ArtSkills Ultimate Art Case is the perfect kit for every artist! Full-color instruction book provides a step-by-step guide for multiple mediums, including acrylic paints, watercolor paints, markers, drawing/sketching, and oil pastels. Sturdy wooden carrying case will keep your materials organized while on the go!


  • 42 Oil pastels
  • 28 Colored pencils
  • 24 Watercolor cakes
  • 21 Markers
  • 15 Watercolor pencils
  • 12 Acrylic paints
  • 4 Graphite pencils
  • 3 Paint brushes
  • 30 Blank artist sheets
  • 17 Project sheets
  • Artist tools - paint palette, tortillon, eraser, sharpener
  • Full-color instruction book
  • Wooden carrying case w/handle

Box Size

  • 18.75" x 15.25" x 2"
50 Items